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August 31, 2011



I am an Adult Services librarian that specializes in Readers Advisory. I've been flirting with the idea of going to nursing homes and reading aloud to residents there. Both of my *reading aloud* experiences have been part of community reads efforts. My staff read parts of "Life of Pi" to a group of assisted living residents and it was well received. We also had the chance to read chapters of "The House on Mango Street" in the park across from our Main Branch. While turnout was not what we had hoped, we did engage a large number of our homeless residents. It is things like this that make me happy to have chosen the profession I did. I would love to see the videos you get, for inspiration!


I am a Children's Librarian so get to read to children and adults all the time. It is my favorite part of my job. I encourage families to read to each other during family times. Some magical things have happened during my programs and I love that I am treated as a celebrity in my community. Latest favorite read-aloud is It's A Secret by John Burningham which I took along on a visit to my elderly mother who is very confused and in a nursing home. I shared that book with her and it was a lovely moment that she could enjoy with me.

Hope Cook

Me and my ten yr. old twin girls takes turns reading aloud paragraphs in a book that both of them are interested in. It's a great bonding time for us all together and because I've read to them since I was pregnant with them, they are at an age where they want to listen and read. We share the reading so they get more into it because they can both be part of the story. Depending on what we are reading, there can be alot of laughs and silliness! I also have read a numerous amount of times to each girls class!
They have been in separate classes since preschool and now they are in the fifth grade, so that's alot of reading to classmates! I also read "The Reading Promise" which is a great book about reading aloud!

Erin Teitelbaum

I actually often get read to my one of my coworkers. We are always looking through books on our new book shelf so we know what is coming in and also for things to add to our story telling collection. You know we like a book when we start reading it aloud to each other. We are especially fond of the Elephant and Piggie series, and so of course when Should I Share My Ice Cream came out, she had to read it so me. There really is nothing better than having a story read aloud by a good reader.

I also listen to audio books in my car all the time, so I also am read to by a total stranger every day when I drive to work.

Eric Johnson

I attend a great many author signings, and at most of them the author will read aloud from his or her book. Believe me, there is nothing better than this to get an audience interested in your work. The authors seem to have a knack at picking a really interesting part, and more than once I've gone home and immediately started reading. Two memorable authors were Jacqueline Winspear and John Connelly...unforgettable!


What a delightful post. The love of reading came from my mother who read aloud to me. This always provided me with a wonderful and warm feeling, so I read aloud to my children. They would relax on the couch and I would read to them. Their favorite was A Secret Garden.

Jodi F.

In high school, my friend and I would read Shakespeare out loud in ridiculous voices, tape it, and play it like a radio show. To this day, I love Shakespeare!

Robin Nyzio

I'll never forget the story of "Mr. Popper's Penguins" because Mrs. Laws read it aloud to our 4th grade class in Madison, CT! Any people that has been read aloud to me always has a place in my memory!


My favorite read aloud experience was actually at a funeral. I was in my teens and there were a lot of kids at the "after the funeral food buffet" that were not into the somberness of the occassion. I took them all to a room and found a couple of books, including Cat in the Hat. That didn't last long, so in desperation, I found a Candyland lid that had the story of the game and read aloud the different characters with different funny voices. I had to do it three or four times they liked it so much!


One of the best read aloud experiences I had was when my 6 year old niece read me a book from cover to cover that she had received from her teacher for being a good reader. I was so proud of her that day.


Yummy: Eight Favorite Fairy Tales by Lucy Cousins. I asked my husband to read this to me and yeah, he sort of felt silly doing it, but I persisted. After a few tries, I decided to end his misery and just halt it. Of course I read it aloud to my 2-year old daughter and she loved it! Scary stories are best, just because suspense is better shared.

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