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March 12, 2009



Thank you for sending me a copy of this book. I have posted a review on my blog:


Sue Anderson

This books sounds wonderful. Please enter me in the contest! Thanks :-)

jean paul Jacquel

This book lokks to be interesting, please enter me!

Ann Boles

If Booklist compares an author to Barbara Kingsolver, then I'm definitely interested in reading her books. This one sounds great; I'll check out her other books while I wait to hear if I won this one! Thanks!

Annmarie A.

Sounds like a great book. I enjoyed her earlier ones too. Please enter me in the contest too! Thanks.

Meg89 @ Literary Menagerie

This book sounds interesting, please enter me!

meh471 (AT) gmail (DOT) com


I've heard abut this book and would love try it out.


Please enter me. Thank you.


This sounds great! I remember the '70's!!


The description intrigues me. Thanks for this opportunity.

Laura Ford

Pick me! Pick me! I adored "Bread Alone" and can't wait to read the new book!

Maggie Preiss

Here is my lucky entry on Friday the 13th. Now I want to read all of her books!

Julie Ehlers

I love Judith Ryan Hendricks and would love to win a copy of this.

Marianne Kotch

I loved Bread Alone and its sequel, and would love to read the latest!


Not familiar with this author - sounds like something several of my regular patrons would like.

Hennie Vaandrager

Enter me, please.


Please enter me in the drawing for this book. It sounds like a great read!


I would love to read this book! Hope I'm one of the lucky winners! :)


Sounds like a book my library patrons would enjoy reading.


This book sounds fabulous. And with a comparison to Barbara Kingsolver, how can I not want to read it.

Lori Barnes

I have never read anything by this author but would love to and this sounds like a good one to start with.


I always wanted to rad this book..please enter me! Thank you.


I'd like to be entered-what an interesting giveaway series.


OOOOh - Barbara Kingsolver like -- please sign me up!


Thanks again!


I enjoyed the novel, Isabel's Daughter by this author and would love to read this new release. Thanks for this great giveaway.

Darby Lohrding

I would love to win a copy of this book, I missed out when Jennifer from BCG had her drawing for copies, and I so want to read this book!!
Thanks so much,
darbyscloset at yahoo dot com


Thanks for the opportunity!

Lindsey Greene

Enter me please. Thanks!

Rebecca Cook

Please enter me in the drawing, thanks.


I will certainly look for her books!


Please add my name to the drawing. Thanks!

Brady Shuman

What a lovely cover. I'd love to read this!


I'd love to read this book. Thanks for entering me.

Shannon Basher

Lovely cover - I would pick it up off the shelf based on that alone, but it also sounds like a great read.


Please enter me, thank you!


Please enter me! thanks so much!


I'd like to read this.

Lisa S

Please enter me. Thanks!


Thank you for the new service.


If you insist, I'm in! Thanks!


Thanks for the new blog - it looks great.

Melissa C.

Please enter me in the giveaway. I would love to win this book! Thanks!

richard james

My wife loves Kingsolver and Picoult, and this looks right up her alley.


Please enter me and thanks for the opportunity.

Liz McReynolds

Would love a copy of this book, please enter me in the giveaway!


Sounds like a good read!

Sally Bosken

This looks like a great read - please include me!

Amy Gornikiewicz

I'd love a copy of this book too! She's a great author.


This is the second synopsis/review of this book I've seen. Please enter my name so I can read it soon.

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