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September 22, 2009



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Cheryl Nessman

This book was hilarious! Written with superb voice, Elizabeth Beckwith has created a piece that will simultaneously make you cringe and laugh out loud over the all too familiar parenting tactics we have all been subject to, and that we now subject our own children to. This book is so funny and on point that I found it absolutely necessary to share passages (and chapter titles) with total strangers! As for friends & family, well they all got a copy of the book for Christmas! Thanks, Elizabeth, for pointing out how warped we are, and making it seem not only humorous, but preferred. Go team Beckwith!!

Leah Liebergen

This sounds like a book that not only embraces, but celebrates my way of parenting! It would be my great pleasure to read and comment on it!

Nancy Viens

Sounds like a hilarious look at a serious project--raising a child. Keeping a sense of humor is of primary importance. While my own children are grown and out of the nest, there are always grandchildren! I would love to read the book to see what I might have done better.

Melissa C

I would like to read this book and take my first stab at a review! Maybe this will inspire me to start that book blog that I have had brewing in the back of my head for a while even!


What a great and unique book. It would be wonderful to have this opportunity. Thanks so much.


As a relatively new parent and library worker and book blogger, this sounds right up my alley!!!


Pam North

Oh,I promise!!!

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