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September 9, 2009



This sounds great -loads of fun!

Patti B.

Sandman Slim sounds interesting.


Very interesting. thanks.


Thanks for bringing this one to my attention. It looks really good!!!

Anne T

Looks like a cool book!


[email protected]


I had the pleasure of reading the ARC for Sandman Slim and greatly enjoyed it. I hope it becomes a series (hint, hint).

I've been suggesting it to patrons who enjoy this sort of hardboiled horror.


clearly i can't count. my excuse is my stigmata is acting up. kadrey did it. in the library. with a hitachi magic wand.

Melissa C

I would still like to enter if there are copies still available since it looks like there were double and triple posts by people for some reason today!


it is a great read!! oh yeah!!


It is a great read! oh yeah!


If it's as good as Butcher Bird, it will be a hell of a read.


I want to read this book!

Alexandre Mandarino


Brady Shuman

Don't think I'm in the first, but I'll definately be checking this out!


Sounds interesting!


richard kadrey is a god! a very vengeful lurid god

Mason Jones

Dang, don't think I made it in time, but I'm really looking forward to checking this out! Loved his previous works...




The excerpts which I've read so far are compelling.


How could I not be interested, says xianmrtyr at gmail dot something something.


I saw this at ALA but didn't spy an ARC anywhere!

Brian Little

Sandman Slim's an awesome read. Can't wait for the followup!

Ian X.

Richard is a talented guy. A free copy of the book would be pretty great.


Oh! I loved Butcher Bird. I'm dying to read this.

Sharon Castleberry

Sounds much like Supernatural series on television. I would really like a copy!

Amanda Cobb

Sound like just my kind of book!

Ashley N

Ooh, sounds really good. I've heard so much about it. :)

Sasha M.

This is so cool. I likey!

Sasha M.

Coooooool. Me likey!

Lisa S

Sounds like an interesting read.

Lisa S

Sounds like an interesting read.

Lisa S

Sounds like an interesting read.

J.L. Samuels

I was looking at this book at an airport bookstore and almost picked it up. Looks exciting.


Sounds like a really interesting read.

Hillary Hujanen

Forgot my e-mail. Hillaryhujanen (at) gmail (dot) com

Hillary Hujanen

Sounds really great!

Jennifer Barlow

This book is already on my list of books I want, though I was going to force myself to wait until it came out in paperback. Now if I were to get a free copy, I might be able to find a way to force another hardback onto my overburdened shelves . . .

Dena stoll

I have been eyeing this in the bookstore and would live to get to read it!

Ctina Phillips

Sounds interesting. It seems like a guy's novel (in the most generalist terms) but I like that Charlaine Harris is praising it, as she is generally a romance/mystery writer. Very intriguing.


That sounds absolutely fascinating. Very engaging.


Would love to read this, sounds like a very interesting read.

bbricke AT yahoo DOT com


Sounds entertaining *crossed fingers*

And I mean that in a good way.


Very interested. I'd love a copy.

Cindy  S.

oops forgot e-mail
[email protected]


This looks really entertaining. *crossed fingers*


Awesome cove and heard great things about it!

Cindy  S.

Such a cool idea


I am interested to read and see who this would appeal to and whether or not high school boys might like this.

Wayne Hurlbert

Sandman Slim sounds like a rollicking, good fun read. :-)

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