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October 23, 2009



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I definitely would like to read this book!

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one of the best book I've ever read.

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Don't you just love the Super Librarian on the cover? That's what it looks like anyway. I like the part where "they would be whatever they needed to be that day...". Isn't that the truth? People think that libraries are quiet, static places where nothing ever happens. As if!! Thanks for the heads-up, Lesa.

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I love this book :)

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Merci pour le post! J'ai appris beaucoup de nouveaux et utiles pour vous!

Sarah Bracey White

I was thoroughly engrossed by the first chapter of Marilyn Johnson's "This Book Is Overdue." It is an informative, entertaining and modern analysis of libraries and librarians. (Who would ever have thought that a book about librarians -living and dead - could be so fascinating?) I can't wait to read the entire book! Years ago, I earned a degree in "information services," and haven't worked in a library in a long time. In spite of that, I find that in this digital age, I'm equipped in a way I never would have expected to be. Marilyn's research is on-target. Thanks for letting the librarian out of the library.


I would think that the title of the book would not attract interest of the average individual - BUT I definitely found the first chapter to be excellent. I definitely would like to read this book.

Maureen Mazzochi

I really enjoyed the first chapter of this book, the long and evolving profession of librarians. In that chapter, a rhetorical question asks what the first librarian of Deadwood would think about current Deadwood librarians' tasks which include state of the art archives, computers, online reference...No doubt she would be very pleased. All librarians go into the profession to serve the public. Depsite the changes of technology and even cyber libaries, that does not change and speaks well for the continuation of the profession.


This sounds just fantastic! I can't wait to read it!

Life by Candlelight

Jennifer W.

I am very anxious to read this book. The importance of librarians and libraries was stressed to me my entire life and I am very proud to be a librarian today. I like to think that besides offering answers to patrons' questions, we are able to inspire their curiosity, making them want to look a little further in their search or in a different light.


This looks like a great book! I read the first few paragraphs-so wonderful to be able to do that to peak my interest.

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