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October 8, 2010


web promotions

Saya biasanya tidak posting dalam Blog tapi blog Anda memaksa saya untuk, bekerja luar biasa .. indah ...


I agree that heavy library readers aren't going to pay (they never have), but that doesn't mean they won't want an ebook lending option. Unfortunately, we currently have only one major library ebook provider in Overdrive (the rest are years behind) and their ebook pickings have been pretty slim lately. Not to mention we don't actually own any of this content, so if they sell out or fold we're up a creek. We also pay full cover price (and for Bloomsbury titles even more!) and a substantial monthly service fee. Having said that, it's all we have right now. So I want to see publishers wake up and show some love to one of their biggest buying groups and give us access to their full catalog! I want high demand ebook titles on the laydown date at a reasonable price point. And, if I'm dreaming here, I guess I'd want some sort of open library utopia consortium buying out Overdrive so we have transparency and security in ownership.


I'm a librarian. I already have nook, kindle, etc. coming in to the library looking to borrow books. Come on--at $10 a pop?? My heavy readers can't afford "all digital...all the time". The end of the library....I say it's not so.

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