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November 29, 2010



I squealed with happiness when I saw a new Tess Monaghan, mystery was coming out. I love this series

I've read all of Lippman's novel and have been to two book signings. (Lippman was very nice both times)

I know this last part a little TMI fan edition but figured this would be the right place to over share such information.

C. L. Quillen

Can't wait to read this! Lippman just keeps getting better and better.


Wow, there aren't 10 comments here?!? I imagine everyone else emailed you, and it's too late. I have never read anything by Lippman, so I'll have to add her to my wishlist. Thanks for the recommendation. (And if you do have any left, I'd love to get one!)

Julie P.

I am a HUGE fan of Lippman's. I'd love to review this book!


Jodi F

This sounds like a great book. I'd love to read and review it.


I have heard so many great things about Laura Lippman. I would love a copy!

Andrea Lapsley

I'd love an advanced copy and will send you back a review, but how could be anything but fabulous knowing Laura's skill. She's one of my favorites. Love to read more about Tess, she's a great character.


Add me to the list for an advance copy. Laura Lippman is not only a great mystery writer but also a very insightful and gracious person.


What a great book. thanks. It would be a pleasure to read and review this book.

Kelly Currie

I would love an advance copy of The Girl in the Green Raincoat if you have any left! Lippman is one of my favorites, and I particularly like the titles about Tess. Thanks!

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